Impressions from Fablab Berlin

Impressions from Fablab Berlin

I have had the pleasure of visiting Fablab Berlin in Germany and have been part of their everyday life for some time. I have listened, tried their tools and talked to a lot of people in the middle of all their activities around especially 3d printers and lasercutters.  The first video CUTS & PRINTS shows elements of the tools, the processes and the results. You might wonder why my robot in the end turns up to be a poly-bot…


I have met users who were finishing their studies to become architects and so needed to show model buildings at their examen. Users who printed 3-d parts for a new and better 3d-printer. I have met 4 lab managers, who helped people to use the machines and shared ideas and thoughts. I have met an architect who wants to start a fablab in Italy. The next video WHAT CAN A FABLAB COMMUNITY BECOME? shows how they think about being in a fablab and some thoughts on a possible future. A colleague of mine wondered if their values can be seen in the way they would work with children. Good question… The video is here:


Klaus Thestrup




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